On Tuesday 1st November Westbourne Primary School attended Bourne Community College for term 4 of the Enthuse Project.

The children were very excited to be back at Bourne. They completed two team building tasks working in pairs. The first of the challenges was to strip some wires to solder together to make their own bracelets, this was enjoyed by all the students. The second task was to design and construct a windmill to generate electricity. The students all came up with different designs and showed reflection on reviewing their construction to make improvements, each pair were successful in generating electricity from their designs.


Westbourne attended Bourne Community College for their last cycle of the Enthuse project for their year 6 students.

 Year 6 concluded their STEM Enthuse year with Game maker. They coded a player to move around a maze using object oriented code. They designed the player sprite and a brick sprite then added them to a player level. 

 They managed to achieve a mini game in record time and enjoyed playing each other’s games. There sprites were imaginative and showed their design skills. 

 The second activity they went onto successfully complete was a science lesson on endothermic and exothermic reactions, the students embraced this practical and at the end of the lesson were able to recall the difference from both of these reactions.