Thank you very much for welcoming our Year 5 to the Bourne Community College on Tuesday. The children had a wonderful afternoon of Science, Maths and Computing and were excited throughout. The crisp experiment was a highlight as the children really enjoyed being in the lab and using the Bunsen burners for the first time. They were attentive and engaged throughout the experiment. The pupils also enjoyed measuring circles in Maths, using a range of resources from tyres to pringle tubes. All pupils found the practical aspect to Maths interesting and an extension to their primary school lessons. For the last session, the children were excited to be in the ICT suite using Micro:Bits. This was something they were familiar with from their scratch computing and Micro:Bits in primary school but extended their computing vocabulary and coding skills, they would have loved to have spent longer investigating the sequences they could create!

Louise Gasser Headteacher Southbourne Junior School


Juniors visited the Bourne and participated in a Science, a Maths and a Computing lesson. In Science we separated rock salt using the processes of filtering and evaporation. We learned that the salt crystals fit tightly together and form a tessellation. We then explored shapes that tessellate in the Maths lesson. We learned that in order to make a tessellation, we need to translate, rotate or reflect shapes. In Computing, we programmed a microbit to create a tessellating pattern. The children enjoyed the activities and look forward to their next session. We all enjoyed our day.

Michelle Ackhurst Year 5 Teacher