Funtington extended their skills in using microscopes, staining onion skin to be able to see the onion cells and working on drawing accurately. The theme of the afternoon was magnification. The students moved onto maths to work on scaling objects by factors. They linked the learning by comparative sizes. The next session in Minecraft Education allowed them to work in a virtual world again using relative size and extending their coding skills, interacting with NPC’s in the world.

“This class are particularly skilled in STEM activities as we see them as valuable in their learning. I am pleased that our visit is able to extend some of the skills we study in year 5 and 6.” Mr Starr.


Funtington came to Bourne, excited for the rockets. When we got there, the children learnt about thrust by blowing up balloons and observing the direction they travelled when they were let go. Children then used bi-carbonate soda and vinegar to make film canisters fire into the sky and discussed that a chemical reaction would make a better rocket.

Children then designed rockets on the computers using some 2D software before using a laser printer to cut them.

Thanks to Ms Perry and Mr Ellis for hosting!

Mr Starr Year 5 and 6 Teacher at Funtington Primary School.