Bourne had their first enthuse partnership visit from Westbourne Primary School. The Enthuse Partnership is linking the transition of Primary to Secondary education, working with their teachers and wider influencers to increase attainment and raise aspirations for STEM, to increases young people’s interest and attainment in STEM. 30 children attended a STEM afternoon, consisting of project based learning, combining the skills in robotics, programming, maths and engineering design, to solve a problem, racing a small car.


Westbourne Primary School joined Bourne Community College for an afternoon full of tessellation. The students started in Science with a practical on separating techniques, with the end result of a three-dimensional regular arrangement cubic salt lattice. The students then went onto Math, where they learnt about tessellation in a two-dimensional arrangement, with focus on a reflection, rotation and translation. This led the students to Computing, the students coded micro bits to draw a shape and to get that shape to tessellate. The students and teachers all enjoyed their visit and are looking forward to their next visit.