Bourne Community College welcomed Funtington Primary School up for term 3’s workshop. The theme of this visit was ratios.

The students started in Science learning about acids and alkalis and making their own universal indicator from red cabbage to detect which white liquid was safe to drink. The children really enjoyed using the science equipment and focused really well throughout the lesson. This led onto Maths, where they had to work out the ratios of squash and simplify these ratios, this was completed in a practical with the students making squash to see which ratio was the best for their taste. The third activity for the workshop was team building, the students first learnt about different knots and then had to make a bridge that the students would be able to walk over. The afternoon was packed with practical activities which the students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed.


On Tuesday 8th November 2022, Year 6s from Funtington primary school, visited Bourne to engage with their latest STEM afternoon. To begin, the children learnt about green electricity and were tasked with creating a wind turbine that would generate electricity. They had to put together their own turbine with cogs and doweling while also using knives safely to cut thick cardboard. When they were ready they tested them with a big fan to see if they would make energy.

After that task the children then learnt how to solder. They were given wire and a soldering iron and were asked to create bracelets. They also had to strip the wire themselves with clippers before attaching them around their wrists.

Fun and Learning was had by all the students.

Ollie Starr (Year 5 and 6 Teacher)