Bourne had their first enthuse partnership visit from Funtington Primary School. The Enthuse Partnership is linking the transition of Primary to Secondary education, working with their teachers and wider influencers to increase attainment and raise aspirations for STEM, to increases young people’s interest and attainment in STEM. 30 children attended a STEM afternoon, consisting of project based learning, combining the skills in robotics, programming, maths and engineering design, to solve a problem, racing a small car. Mr Starr from Funtington Primary School commented “To see the children having the ability to problem solve and use resources that they cannot obtain at the school is exhilarating”. Overall this first visit in this two year project was a success and Funtington are looking forward to visiting us again.


Funtington Primary School had a fantastic time at the Bourne Community College on Tuesday. The children began with a science experiment where they had to remove the salt from 'saltrock'. First they crushed the rocksalt before mixing it with water. They then filtered the sand out and evaporated the water, leaving behind salt crystals. The children thoroughly enjoyed this and gave it a 10/10.

After that the children tried to create 2D shapes using Ring:Bit cars and make the corners of the shape line up perfectly at the end. They used Microbit to code this.

"We are all very excited for the next session and hope to use the lab again." said one child.

Ollie Starr (Year 5/6 Teacher, Funtington Primary School)