The Students worked on a theme of magnification, they started their journey in Science, looking at onion cells through the microscope and using the magnification to work out how many times bigger the cell is. The students went onto Math, where they focused on scale factors and enlarging shapes, this lead to computer science. Here they used Minecraft education coding skills to solve problems. The students thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon at Bourne and went away with new skills and knowledge in the STEM subjects.


Southbourne B attending their cycle of the enthuse project at Bourne Community College.

The theme was rockets which fits into the KS2 Curriculum. They started their theme in Science with Ms Perry, where they had to identify what a rocket is, describe how a rocket can move and evaluate the effectiveness of a vessel and its thrust. The students completed two practical’s using a balloon to understand the thrust and structure of a vessel and then improving this hypothesis with a chemical reaction with a structured vessel.

The students then joined Mr Ellis and used 2D design to invent a robust rocket shape, which the students added their name to, which will be laser cut.

“The children really enjoyed learning about rockets. Their favourite part was making vinegar and bicarbonate rockets outside, where they could see the chemical reaction. Thank you Bourne Community College.” Miss Ackhurst

“I enjoyed making rockets and seeing that different materials are better than others.” Rhys

“We learnt about rockets and how they work. We found out if we hold a balloon at a different angle the balloon would start to go in that direction. We then went to design our own rockets using a 2D design.” Maisie and Freya

“I learnt that the structure of a rocket is needing to be robust to fly to the moon.” Sophia. H

“I learnt that when you put vinegar and bicarbonate of soda together it explodes and generates a thrust.” Joshua