Bosham Primary school attended Bourne Community College on Tuesday 18th April 23, with the year 5 students. They enjoyed a STEM afternoon which started with micro bits, this rotation the students extended their understanding gained in the first session of sequential and selective programming, to include a control program initiated by an input to draw shapes with a robot. The students successfully remembered the skills that learnt in the last rotation and worked cooperatively to achieve the tasks. The students then went onto science where they learnt about magnification and microscopes. The students were successful in naming parts of the microscope and giving the uses of selected parts. They then went on to look at plant cells under the microscope and work out the magnification of what they were seeing using the objective lens and eye piece.

This was a fun afternoon had by all including the primary school teachers and support atff.


On Tuesday 6th June, Bosham Primary came for their STEM rotation. There science skills were evident as they easily committed to various types of separation. They managed to filter effectively to end with a clear solution of filtrate which they proceeded to evaporate to an effective crystalline salt. They were interested in using it on chips which was clearly prohibited but showed their interest as industrial chemists of the future.

They moved on to Bitbot robots and were given a very quick introduction. They managed to remember a good deal of the processes they did on the last visit and applied them to crate tessellated shapes with pens attached to the robots. Their codes worked very well this time and ranged from circles to hexagons.