Thank you Bourne Community College for welcoming Year 5 Bosham Primary to a STEM afternoon full of exciting and innovative activities! The children loved using the computer suite and were super engaged with the computer programming tasks. Children were encouraged to have a go at programming micro bits and were even challenged to add music!

We have many keen mathematicians in Year 5 so the maths activities were also greeted with huge enthusiasm! Our children love a hands on activity so were ready to get stuck in when it came to measuring the diameter and circumference of various different circular objects around the classroom.

The teachers involved in the Enthuse Project at the Bourne were friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable and very helpful, which made our children feel very comfortable in what is a very big school compared to the one they are used to! Thank you to all the staff for all your efforts in creating a fantastic learning experience for our children.

When asked about what they enjoyed in particular during the STEM afternoon at The Bourne, our children gave the below responses:

“Making our very own micro bits was so fun! It didn’t feel like learning.”

“I liked the part at the end of the afternoon when we programmed the mini rovers to do a drawing- that was so cool!”

“I didn’t know that building something into a micro bit could be so easy!”

“I enjoyed the maths with Mrs Phillips as we did lots of measuring and calculating and she gave really clear instructions.”

“I learnt how to code for the first time! I always thought it would be hard but it wasn’t!”

“I learnt what pie is – not the pie you eat but the mathematical pie.”

“I really liked the method of measuring we used for maths, using a piece of string to measure the diameter and circumference of a circle.”

“It was nice to learn about persisting and persevering at the end of the day, we had to do this a lot during the different STEM activities.”