Chidham Parochial Primary School attended the Bourne Community College for an afternoon of STEM activities. This started in Science where the students focused on Microscopes and Magnification, looking at onion cells, drawing what they could see and working out the total magnification on the cells that they were drawing. The students went onto Maths where they had to do complete scale drawings in magnification, which led them onto computer science where they had to complete a series of coding to achieve a goal in educational Minecraft.

Some feedback from the children on the day were:

“My best bit today was looking through the microscopes and playing Minecraft.” Jamie

“This school is nice.” Theo

“Today was exciting, it was lots of fun. I got to learn lots of things in the STEM subjects.” Florence

“Playing Minecraft is fun, I am impressed with this school, I like coming up here.” Charlie

“I liked looking at the onion cells and seeing the nucleus.” Liberty

“My favourite lesson was Science, because I’ve never used a microscope before today.” Evie


Bourne Community College welcomed Chidham Parochial Primary School for Term 2 Cycle 2 of the Enthuse Partnership.

The theme for this workshop was Rockets in line with the KS2 Science Curriculum.

“Chidham had a wonderful time learning all about rockets. We loved the rocket experiments and the hands on learning about thrust and reaction times.

We enjoyed designing our own rockets on the computers and using the laser printer.”

Mrs Roll.

“I learnt that a chemical reaction could explode but be a good engine for a rocket. I watched Ms Perry put mento’s into Coke that was really good fun and Ms Perry explained the explosion of coke was because the mento’s causes more carbon dioxide bubbles to mix with the carbon dioxide bubbles of the Coke.” George

“I enjoyed the Science and all the learning for the vessels used to make a rocket.” Sophia

“Today I enjoyed the Coke and Mento’s, it showed me a reaction.” Dylan

“I really enjoyed doing the bicarbonate and vinegar it was fun as it went high in the air to show a chemical reaction.” Meagan

“I learnt how to make a 2D rocket ship using the computer. I also learnt how to use a ruler properly” Theo