On the 16th May 2023, Southbourne A visited Bourne Community college it take part in term 6 of the Enthuse project. The theme for this visit was tessellation.

The year 5 students started with Mr Ellis completing micro bit coding to create a tessellation design through the robots. This was an extension for the student’s introduction to micro bits from their last visit. All students were able to program a robot, but issues where had with the coding properties that the students were using.

This led onto science with Ms Perry where they were using their scientific knowledge to understand the different separating techniques. The students achieved filtration and evaporation in the classroom today by separating rock salt and evaporating the water to achieve a tessellated crystal salt formation.

The students enjoyed for the first time lightning their own Bunsen burner using a splint.


On Tuesday 27th June Southbourne A attended Bourne Community College for the Enthuse Partnership STEM afternoon.

This started with Rockets in science, investigating propulsion, based on newton’s first law of motion, students researched the direction of travel of balloons depending on the thrust. They found that balloons always travelled in the opposite direction as predicted, however, they were clearly unpredictable. This then moved onto a more controlled experiment using a vessel and vinegar and bicarbonate rockets, in which they were able to determine the direction of travel more accurately and reinforce newton’s law that every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The students then went on to an engineering challenge to create and cross a suspension bridge, which required learning several knots, which had to be accurate enough to support their weight. This involved engineering habits of minds, including iteration, collaboration and accuracy.

This was enjoyed by all the students and the primary teachers.