The students studied green energy while designing and testing windmills to investigate their efficiency, students were required to think about their sails and ensure that they used the equipment with care. The group split into two and where tasked to solder wire to create sturdy electrical joints, this include splitting the wires on their own.

This was enjoyed by all the students and they all were successful in designing the sails to the windmills which generated electricity.


Southbourne B visited Bourne Community College on Tuesday 22nd November for an afternoon of STEM activities, this was their final visit for the year 6’s for the Enthuse Project.

Over the last year it has been nice to see how they have changed, become more confident and independent in their learning.

“We did experiments and learnt endothermic and exothermic reactions, it was very fun. I liked how the teacher explained it and we got to move on quickly” Maisie year 6 student.

“We’ve been making sprites and created code to make them move then basically we used our skills to make a game. It’s been really fun.” Luke year 6 Student.

“In our science we learnt about chemical reactions and mixed different chemicals to find out if there were endothermic or exothermic reactions. I found it interesting and fun.” Harrison year 6 student.