Funtington came to Bourne Community College for their last visit for year 6 students on Tuesday 17th January 2023.

These did an endo and exothermic experiment to determine temperature change in various reactions. They used skills such as accuracy and team work to achieve the task.

 The second session moved on to making sprites object code and rooms. Funtington are skilled with digital work and soon got to grips with getting their sprites to move.

 This was a fun afternoon for all involved.


On Tuesday 2nd May 2023, Funtington primary school attended Bourne Community College for the first time with their year 5 students.

They enjoyed an afternoon of STEM activities focusing on SCiemce and Digital Technology. They were investigating robots to discover how far they travelled depending on changes in their program, they learnt how to download programs from the computer to the microbits.

They went on to science where they were able to identify and label the keywords of a microscope, before being able to recall how to work out the total magnification of an object using the eyepiece and the objective lens.

Fun was had by all.