Mrs Sharma (Headteacher)

Our AIM is to promote a pathway at Bourne Community College to inspire students into future careers and professions in the STEM Subjects of Science , Technology, Engineering and Maths .

These subjects are becoming increasingly important as the skills they develop in our young people are crucial for the financial stability and success of the future workforce in our country. Currently there are also identified shortages across many sectors from Engineering to Digital Media.

We are specialising in these areas as a school to broaden the opportunities we offer and to help our students aspire to be at the top of the workforce for the future.

Our aim is to develop the skills and provide specialist STEM opportunities to enthuse and motivate students into a range of careers covering many fields of expertise from the Public sector to multi-national companies. 

We work closely with our partners in the primary and further Education sector to ensure a smooth pathway from KS2 to KS5 and are proud of being at the hub of this exciting STEM development for the success of all our students.  

Our STEM objectives are combined within the overall holistic development of students through academic, personal and learning to learn skills. Each of the cogs in our learning journey mesh together to represent key elements of our college culture. 

Mr Ellis (Extended Leadership STEM)

Ms Perry (Teacher of Science)